Is a vegan diet right for you?

Sometimes when my plant-based lifestyle becomes a topic, it feels as if people want to justify why they are eating animal based products. So I want clarify something:

What is my personal opinion on: should YOU be vegan? The answer is: only you can know or if you care enough find out!

Please don’t judge me because that’s what my body needs right now. I was an avid meat eater and bbq queen … but it changed … so what? I feel better for it and don’t miss it at all. If you try out different diets or lifestyles and find one that works for you, more power to you!

All I know is that your body needs different things than mine does and I believe tracking and calculating everything is impossible. Well at least for me, I tried and as long as we go down to the finer details that matter (not just protein vs fat vs carbs) it gets too complicated and we don’t yet know enough on how it all works together.

So if you think you need to jump on the vegan band wagon, listen to your body first, it might not be right for you and if you want to eat meat or cheese, please do so.

I also think the body needs time to learn about different foods and what to do with it. After a couple of weeks I didn’t see store bought chocolate bar images anymore, I saw my self-made coconut chocolate I had in my freezer. So if my body wants the stuff that is in chocolate it learned where to get it from now on. All of this is a process and retraining our bodies to demand the healthier stuff takes a while.

The only thing that I like to suggest is to not deny your body something it demands, rather learn what it really wants, over time and given patience.