Sweet and potato thingy

I started my day with miniature pizza for breakfast so where could this possibly end?


Right! In a delicious carb loading oil dripping crunch party of course!

To make those things (sorry to lazy to google the right word) I graded then roughly blended 1 sweet potato and 4 russet potatoes. Drained the liquid and spice it up. Then I fried them in a pan with loads of olive oil.

Wish I had had the patience to make some applesauce with them, but they were gone before I could. All in all a good experimemt and I’ll definitely make them again – then with sauce promised.

Soul Food

Unfortunately I can’t yet post awesome looking crisp photos of my sweet potato fries/chips. Why? I just can’t get them crisp enough for my liking.

I might be using too much oil, too little … need something extra …

However they still taste awesome especially with vegan mayonaise and ketchup.

I really want a recipe for the oven and get them crisp. Any suggestions?