A new staple?

I might be onto something here.

In my quest for the perfect plant-based staple food with complete protein I had my chilli con veg sorted and wasn’t looking anymore. But … the issue with it is that it takes ages to make and most of the time I am out of frozen left overs …

Anyhow. I had some spiced brown rice left over from yesterday and knew my body could use tons of protein. Beans here I come!

Butterbeans where half smashed to give some nice texture and together with sautéed onions and red kidney beans, loads of olive oil heated up. When I had mixed in the rice, it was quite bland and so I kept adding stuff. Next to cinnamon and chilli I added roasted tomato puree, oregano and more oil! In the end I though ‘what the heck’ and sprinkled nutritional yeast on top for added B12 and cheesieness.

I love it! I shall not forget this one.