Sweet and potato thingy

I started my day with miniature pizza for breakfast so where could this possibly end?


Right! In a delicious carb loading oil dripping crunch party of course!

To make those things (sorry to lazy to google the right word) I graded then roughly blended 1 sweet potato and 4 russet potatoes. Drained the liquid and spice it up. Then I fried them in a pan with loads of olive oil.

Wish I had had the patience to make some applesauce with them, but they were gone before I could. All in all a good experimemt and I’ll definitely make them again – then with sauce promised.

Potato chips/crisps

Weekend = time for treats!

The cool thing about using simple ingredients is that you can make almost anything you crave.

The trickiest part is to slice the potato as thin as possible.


slice potatoes super thin 

With a pre-heated oven at around 230° they shall be done in 10-15 minutes.

Shake in a bag with 1 tsp oil and spices before putting them in the oven. Salt afterwards to taste.

You can also make them in a microwave!