Roasted fennel and farm potatoes

I am falling more and more in love with the potatoes we are getting. Also the fennel is just heavenly.

In search of a better version of the previous roasted fennel and wanting to add more calories, I made the potatoes separately. I added yam. The yam worked wonderful with the potatoes, but it should not be mixed with the fennel!

A note: the stuff I cook is a result of what I have in the fridge and must get rid of, as well as how much time and energy I can dedicate to making it. Sometimes I cook for hours, sometimes 5 minutes. Getting fresh veg from the farm means I never know what I have and it ensures excitement and variety. It also means that I have to get used to eating mostly locally grown and seasonal food. For my own future reference I tag the recipes/ideas with the ingredients hoping that this will serve me as a guideline in the future.