Getting the hang of it

I never was much of a breakfast person and am rather happy with my coffee. Somehow now with all the changes that have been happening, I am getting hungrier earlier. I try and drink a glass of water first thing and then coffee. After I got my run in and some work done I end up in the kitchen. Lately I got used to just picking out the fruit that has to go, slice it up, mix lemon juice with my sweetener of choice and sprinkle them with seeds. Top combination is pumkin seeds with mango – bitter sweet.

Somehow I can snack on this and enjoy it. It also feels like my body is quite thankful for this boost after my run and my brain turns into overdrive.

A bad week

Food wise last week was a bad week. I was on the road 2 days, work related and didn’t really get to fuel properly.

Time to learn something!

What worked well?

I forced myself to eat porridge before taking off. It took over 30 minutes to get it down, but was worth it. I would’ve bonked at the meeting otherwise.

What else is creeping up?

I need to improve my hydration again, might have been slipping there as well. Maybe track it again for a week ….

Work does not trump food!!! I need to get back to doing lunch breaks and cook! If I am not fuelled I can’t think.

As a sidenote … I am having some fun getting used to the new me and watch my mind adapt. If I pass by a mirror and don’t really make an effort I still see my old self. So now I totally get how people with eating disorders feel when they say ‘I am fat’ albeit their bones being visible.

My weight has pretty much stayed the same over the past few weeks. This makes me feel confident that this box is ticked off. I have finally found a way to live and eat balanced that works for me.

Now all I have to do is make sure I get everything my body needs.


Got my weekly box from the farm and it’s full of lovely greens.

Last week was butternutsquash week and I am happy to see this week I can have fun with loads of greens. Broccoli, kale, spinach, courgette and the list goes on.

Also got my energy bars and post run fuel – those colors make me happy:


Not too bad – all gone

Made some whole wheat pasta with the leftover veg. Nothing but 2 potatoes left from last weeks delivery which I count as a success! Also have some veg stock as well as stew in the freezer. I ate out once for a business lunch and had a fabulous vegan stew and picked up some eggplants and baguette the way back from my run on Saturday because I needed baba ganoush!

I still weigh myself frequently as I can’t believe how I can stuff my face with all this yummie food all day and still loose fat/gain muscle and not feel slugish. Times are good!