Getting the hang of it

I never was much of a breakfast person and am rather happy with my coffee. Somehow now with all the changes that have been happening, I am getting hungrier earlier. I try and drink a glass of water first thing and then coffee. After I got my run in and some work done I end up in the kitchen. Lately I got used to just picking out the fruit that has to go, slice it up, mix lemon juice with my sweetener of choice and sprinkle them with seeds. Top combination is pumkin seeds with mango – bitter sweet.

Somehow I can snack on this and enjoy it. It also feels like my body is quite thankful for this boost after my run and my brain turns into overdrive.

Potato chips/crisps

Weekend = time for treats!

The cool thing about using simple ingredients is that you can make almost anything you crave.

The trickiest part is to slice the potato as thin as possible.


slice potatoes super thin 

With a pre-heated oven at around 230° they shall be done in 10-15 minutes.

Shake in a bag with 1 tsp oil and spices before putting them in the oven. Salt afterwards to taste.

You can also make them in a microwave!