A new staple?

I might be onto something here.

In my quest for the perfect plant-based staple food with complete protein I had my chilli con veg sorted and wasn’t looking anymore. But … the issue with it is that it takes ages to make and most of the time I am out of frozen left overs …

Anyhow. I had some spiced brown rice left over from yesterday and knew my body could use tons of protein. Beans here I come!

Butterbeans where half smashed to give some nice texture and together with sautéed onions and red kidney beans, loads of olive oil heated up. When I had mixed in the rice, it was quite bland and so I kept adding stuff. Next to cinnamon and chilli I added roasted tomato puree, oregano and more oil! In the end I though ‘what the heck’ and sprinkled nutritional yeast on top for added B12 and cheesieness.

I love it! I shall not forget this one.


Oh so yummy carbs

I am perfecting my purple broccoli and soba noodle mania … it’s just so easy. I’ve now optimized it to boil/steam the broccoli for 2-3 minutes … and then wait and then put it in the oven for 10 at 180.

Just pepper and olive oil is enough.

I used leeks to mix with the noodles with more olive oil and my fake terriyaki sauce. For which I skip the garlic (no garlic if there is a weekday following lol) and just mix ginger, 1 tsp honey and soy sauce and then caramelize it with the noodles and leeks in the pan. The broccoli comes on top and it’s so crispy and tasteful! I also got into roasting seeds alongside any veg and top it with salt. Omega3 is always good and I like the crunch and munch.

Good combination

The combination of purple sprouting broccoli with soba noodles and a quick honey/soy sauce worked well. While the broccoli was in the oven I roasted some cashews in olive oil and loads of salt! Can’t believe how much salt I sometimes want … but then I run a lot and don’t consume any processed foods …

The rest of this was eaten in the morning after my run – cold – and soooo delicious. Is that the trick to make me eat breakfast?

Huge pile of pasta

To fight any potential weight loss (yeah that’s me typing this rofl) and because I’m lazy I just made a huge pile of pasta. Ok it’s whole wheat, but this should fix it!

A few notes … whole wheat pasta only sucks until you are used to it … I’ve been through a similar process with nutritional yeast. Now I can’t live without. Same happened to sushi!

Roasted fennel and farm potatoes

I am falling more and more in love with the potatoes we are getting. Also the fennel is just heavenly.

In search of a better version of the previous roasted fennel and wanting to add more calories, I made the potatoes separately. I added yam. The yam worked wonderful with the potatoes, but it should not be mixed with the fennel!

A note: the stuff I cook is a result of what I have in the fridge and must get rid of, as well as how much time and energy I can dedicate to making it. Sometimes I cook for hours, sometimes 5 minutes. Getting fresh veg from the farm means I never know what I have and it ensures excitement and variety. It also means that I have to get used to eating mostly locally grown and seasonal food. For my own future reference I tag the recipes/ideas with the ingredients hoping that this will serve me as a guideline in the future.

Sweet and potato thingy

I started my day with miniature pizza for breakfast so where could this possibly end?


Right! In a delicious carb loading oil dripping crunch party of course!

To make those things (sorry to lazy to google the right word) I graded then roughly blended 1 sweet potato and 4 russet potatoes. Drained the liquid and spice it up. Then I fried them in a pan with loads of olive oil.

Wish I had had the patience to make some applesauce with them, but they were gone before I could. All in all a good experimemt and I’ll definitely make them again – then with sauce promised.