A bit of planning

Usually I don’t plan my meals and just go with the flow. This led to me running out of veg! So last week I upgraded my order from the farm and it finally arrived. So I’m super excited, yes I’m weird, and want to obsess over it!

What better way to plan a bit ahead and make sure I get the most out of everything!

Now needs first … I need vegetable stock and with all the leeks and celeriac this should be perfect. I can freeze this and make butternut squash soup with one of the squashes and freeze the rest for quick lunches.

I can also use the other butternut squash and roast it with quinoa and kale later in the week as those things store great and make a great cold lunch.

I’ll also get to improve my sweet potato fries and need to do something with my baby spinach and peppers. Might be time for some more chilli con veg which I can also freeze.

Then there were my plans to make sushi …

I guess there are not enough days in the week to eat all the yummie food I want to make!


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