Death by Fajitas Alpha 0.1

If this was software we’d be at an alpha stage of development. We have the pieces and it works ok together, but there is a lot of bug fixing and fine-tuning needed.

I used whole wheat spelt flour to make the tortillas this time:

For the filling I was thinking chilli and beans, but I had lovely Irish shiitaki mushrooms so I went a different direction.


I mixed them in a bag with lemon, white whine, olive oil and pepper. Then in the oven at around 160° for 10-20 minutes while turning them.

Unfortunately they were so delicious not many actually survived to make it in the final dish …

Now stop eating those mushrooms and focus on the sauce!

Cauliflower with onion base, garlic, miso, turmeric and nutritional yeast, I think I’m set for my B12 for today then yay!

Meanwhile in the other pan we have onions, potatoes, carrots, corn and tomatoes. As spices I used loads of chilli, pepper, a little bit cinnamon and some coriander. I didn’t have peppers … there probably also went some balsamic vinegar in there.

That’s it! Ready to assemble:


All in all it worked well together and I really liked the mushrooms. I think a pepper/onion mix as a base might work better, but you gotta use the veg you have!

Tip: when making my own tortillas they’ll get dry because I forget wet towels – a few seconds in the microwave will make them softer again. Do just before filling.

Thanks to Gareth for coming up with the idea to try and make fajitas!

This needs some improvements, but it’s super filling and quite tasty already. I suppose cashew cheese could have been another direction, but I had enough of that for a bit and wanted to do something else.

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