Shopping list

This post is to find and develop my ‘usuals’ list. I work from home and want to have a balanced plant-based diet, so I need to have nice food at all times.

This will probably never be complete and always updated and I’ll see in the future how useful it will be.

Starches aka the base

Lentils (red/green)

Beans (kidney, canelli, butter beans, black eyed beans)

Potatos (sweet potatos and all others) – I get those on a weekly organic box scheme

Pasta/noodles (current favourite soba noodles) I usually get whole wheat – you get used to it quickly and start loving it!

Rice (sushi rice, risotto rice, brown rice, basmati, pudding rice)



Flour/grains (rice, spelt, wheat)


Anything goes … frozen in bulk when cheap. Important to me are different colors!

I get my weekly, local, organic veg and like to experiment with this.

Eggplants/Aubergines (need my weekly dose of baba ganoush)



Salt (sea salt, table salt etc)


Oregano, thyme, coriander, curry, basil



Soy sauce

Chopped tomatoes

Tomato paste

Sweets/Nuts and other treats

Honey melons are my current thing as well as the usual fruits via the box scheme ( apples etc)

Dried fruit … so much sugar yummy treat


Popcorn kernels

Other important stuff


Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Maple syrup

Nutritional yeast

Arrow root starch


Organic oat flakes

Almond milk, hazelnut milk



Frozen berries or fresh

Apples (via box scheme)


3 thoughts on “Shopping list

    1. I do eat loads of pasta especially whole wheat. Just not lately. But I ran out of soba noodles so more pasta again soon! Actually just bought lasagne sheets today, so I’m hoping to nail the cashew cheese lasagne again and document it!


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