Best things in life

… are simple.

If you don’t know this yet … let me introduce you to Baba Ganoush.

You’ll need:

Tahin (or make your own from sesame seeds), eggplants, salt, garlic and lemons.

This is how I make it – as I found it the most convenient method. Might be better ones out there, let me know!

Preheat oven 205 degree.

Half the eggplants, prick them with a fork multiple times (heat can escape this way and not mess up anything) and put them on baking sheets in the oven once that is heated up.

I also put a whole garlic glove – cut open the top and topped with olive oil – in aluminium foil in the oven as well.


I leave them in around 40 minutes – until they are super soft inside.

I then squeeze some lemons – maybe half a cup for 4-5 small eggplants. I usually use the same amount of tahin as lemon juice! Try and adjust to taste.

1 to 1.5 teaspoons of sea salt do not hurt the taste!

Once the eggplants are done, I leave them out to cool. Then peel of the skin – which should be quite easy and put them in a colander to let them loose water.

After all of this – all that is left is putting everything in a blender, food process or whatever beast you have to make it into this heavenly delicious mouthwatering smoothness as you can see below:


All I need with this is a nice self-made ciabatta and I am set!

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