Bagels … where shall I begin.

Bagels are a definitely a staple food for me – best is whole wheat. Yeah they contain loads of sugar – get over it – this is a vegan blog not a health blog!

So why do I love bagels? They are easy to get … they can be frozen … they can be made super quickly even if frozen! They are just like a burger and I like to call them bagel burger …

Now that this is off my chest, here are my secrets to making this yummy without cheese:

Put a salad leave on the bottom – make sure it is dried after washing and put it on the very bottom. This will stabilise and hold your veg as well as your sauce! You will need another leave to top it off.

Get a main filling. As you can see I love using falafel (this is a super cheat food as well) or peppers! You can “filet” the peppers and cut the ends so they can be laid straight on the bagel.

Get a sauce. Yeah you need sauce! You can bulk order delicious vegan relishes, salsas or even egg-free mayo (you can make your own as well). You can also use hummus (another staple!) or omg baba ganush (can’t live without that). If you make sure that the sauce doesn’t touch the bagel you are good to go for a none soaking crunchy super bagel!

I also love putting leeks or onions on top, as this gives it a nice touch and that’s it! On days I feel I need more salt and fat I just put a bit of margarine on the bottom and on the top.


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